Wednesday, April 09, 2008

You can't take it with you when you go...

But I can sure as hell try....this is the Mongkok postal station, in Kowloon Hong Kong. It is the best post office in the universe. And I have seen my share. The clerks HELPED me get a cheaper rate, which you would never see in East Cupcake. Not a total stranger, at any rate. These guys are small team champions, according to the Civil Service website. I can see why.

I have some 15-17 magazines somewhere enroute, which took up a significant portion of my luggage allowance, and I was so panicked to mail things out in Hong Kong that I bought very little there. But my Shanghai surprises?

Weasel yarn (the photo is a ferret, but the actual fiber is marten) and Delphi. Delphi was the surprise bargain of the trip. 100 grams per ball, soft wool, and reasonable. My shopping helpers were astounded by Noro's price. I consider it to be comparable. A total shame I found the Delphi at the SECOND LYS I went into.

Ah, needles and totes-I was pleased and surprised to see an El Cheapo Peko candy tote. The last time I saw that candy was in 1962. Yes, I remember things that far back. I was probably barely potty trained, but I remember THAT candy box. I bought several of those little novelty sacks, as well as the sock sized brocade bags too.

Cashmere yarn porn shot.

The hank of burgundy, and the hank of crystal blue-maybe 3-4 ounces total, very nice laceweight cashmere. Price for both hanks? 1.00 USD. I ran out of suitcase LONG before I ran out of money.

The guys I was with were VERY helpful...but you HATE to keep non-knitters waiting. I was a little PO'd that I got a mixed/broken bag on accident. I bought the Popular at the FIRST LYS. It's nice, but I prefer the Delphi, which I got in two colors.


Daryl said...

oooo. I was waiting and waiting for what you got. i knew you would find some nice variegated yarn and that Delphis and Popular look lovely. not to mention the beautiful cashmere. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Wow oh Wow. Looks like you had a really good time. A $1 for that lovely lace - too good to be true. Did you see the latest lace shawl in Knitty? very good project.

Cindy G said...

First buffalo, now weasel, where's the yak?

And yes, that cashmere shot did have the inteded effect.

Enid said...

Very nice booty.....the yarn i mean.
tee hee.

i'm so glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, gorgeous loot - and it is just a peek, right?
Cashmere and marten - humm - I had a collar of marten fur in a suit many years ago, what delicious stuff! (by the way, in Portuguese, marten is marta, just like my name, so I grew up "suffering" lots of puns about my hair)
Welcome back, Bets!


Minnie~Knits said...

good deals, great colors! I love yarn photos!

smariek said...

Very nice haul indeed.

Hmmm...maybe next time you should use one of those vacuum packing things to flatten out all that yarn before putting into the suitcase.