Saturday, April 12, 2008

Exactly WHAT is this supposed to do?

I talked to Enidation earlier in the week, and she told me about "Ni-Hao Kai-lan", which is Nickelodeon's new Chinese cartoon character. Of course, I checked Kai-lan out, and she seems like a nice little Dora-style cartoon. Yay-I learn how to say xue.

While waiting for Kai-lan to come on (yeah, ok, I didn't DVR, I don't ALWAYS think of those things) I met "Yo Gabba Gabba" this week. Have you seen this? OMG. You can't TELL me there's not an agenda afoot. Really.

First, there's the host, wearing the only piece of vintage Mary Quant the producers would spring for. Remind YOU of the winter VK cover photo?

Can YOU look at this character and NOT think "one-eyed trouser trout"?

And Biz' Beat? Biz scares me, plain and simple.

Blogchatter seems pretty favorable toward this show. Parents seem to think it's cool. Kids want to please their parents and are usually open to things their parents like, so it would be hard to say if KIDS really like it. I would venture to say that some skits are presented in a way that's 'too old' for the "intended audience". Heavy guitar solos to teach 123? THAT's for parents, not for the kids.

Have you seen it? What do you think?


smariek said...

I'm pretty sure I saw 2 seconds of Yo Gabba Gabba earlier this week, maybe when we turned on the telly or was passing through channels, I forget which. I didn't know what it was called until now. Miss M wasn't impressed.

Oh, I did record one episode of Ni Hao Kai Lan after you told me about it. Miss M didn't even get through the first 5 minutes before she decided she didn't like it. But then, she did the same for Sesame Street a year ago, and now that's her current favorite. So maybe we'll revisit it in a year.

Enid said...

K. First. Do be Hatin'!

You know little wee one is not so in tuned with my likes and dislikes. So I can safely say he's not trying to please me. I say this because Yo gabba was on the TV earlier. And he couldn't stop staring at it.

People hate Barney, too. But these shows aren't created for adults to "like" they are created for little children, and it seems to work. Bright basic shapes, and colors, very animated faces and catchy tunes to captivate attention.

adult content? ummm. we could say the same about bugs bunny.


brrrrr*CCHH*brrrrr*CCHH* beat boxes away.
TADA for now. xoxo

junior_goddess said...

Nah, Barney was fine for kids. He just messed up lyrics.

But youngun at your homestead doesn't run the remote....!