Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stick a fork in 'em!

Holy schmoly! They all hatched at once! As un-worldly, un-fun, un-anything as it may be, do I just buy gas cards? I think that's what I am going to do-50.00 gas cards all around. Sounds like more than it is, really, but 50 bucks is, at the end of it all, 50 bucks.
If one of these is my godson's sibling, can I drop 50 on sibling this year, and 100 on him next year? Oh torture! I need gift-iquitte for grads! Help!
Weird though. I remember Bri's mom coming on a trip to Brindisi with me. "I'm pregnant, Bets!" I made a blankie for Sam when Sam was in the oven!! And why do all these girls have BOY names??


Joan said...

Gas cards sounds great, especially now. Itunes gift cards? Teens like $$ too. Start printing out those
50's in the basement. ;-p

junior_goddess said...

You don't understand, Joan. All those credit card points that have been gathering on my credit cards FOR YEARS---all gone. I have 31 on there now. But I got a LOT of gas cards (ok, it SOUNDS like big money!) on the way.

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

The kids used to like phone cards, but now the gas cards come in handy. I say go for it - best gift bet, in my opinion.

Minnie~Knits said...

I think gas cards are a fantastic idea. Better than money. It'll be put to a good use!
It is sad when $50 will only fill up your gas tank one time! (I made the dreaded trip to the gas station today, and I almost cried)

smariek said...

You can never go wrong with cash, but I think the gas cards would be appreciated too. $50 would cover one trip to the gas station for me.

junior_goddess said...

I was talking to DH-it used to cost me 13.00 to fill up my car. Now, something like 40.00.