Monday, May 26, 2008

Tuning up the banjos to play Deliverance

It's a wonder we all have our damned teeth. I just got back from my brother's wedding in Phoenix. His third, her second. She apparently decided to let her high school aged daughters pick out the attendant dresses. They looked really silly next to the white linen hula style shirts the guys wore.
Above, you see all the subsequent generations of our family. Fred's girls in the taffeta, and mine in prints. What you can't see...the gorgeous brunette in the center of the photo has a brand new tattoo the size of half an orange on her shoulder-it matches her dress. (It's the stylized wisteria wreath in my header, my mom's family crest) Her sister (left) has a new one going down her says "twin" in Chinese. My little brother got one too; he also got my mom's wreath on his back, slightly bigger than Nessie's.
Me? No tattoo, but it's something to think about. I made a wisteria wreath to take to the cemetary, so I gave everyone the idea. Guh-reat.


smariek said...

Come on, fess up, you must have a tat somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture! Can that be the little girl wearing your beautiful knits - oh, just a little while ago?!
Good to see you had a good time.

Daryl said...

Everybody certainly looks happy, and the nieces are very stylish even if they weren't crazy about the taffeta. The baby girls sure do grow up nice.

Cindy G said...

I keep being tempted by tats, but never can make up my mind about design and location. So damn permanent....

But the wisteria wreath is really pretty a small version might be nice.