Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yipe yipe yipe!!!

I'm worried that the State of Texas screwed the pooch on the FLDS Eldorado case. There was a two hour expose on the tube tonight, and it raised more questions than it answered. For example-

-Why did they scatter the children throughout the state and separate them from their mothers and siblings? Why NOT just kick the men out of the compound? That would make sense, but part of me suspects that perhaps Child Protective Services needs the extra manpower funding. I'm worried that they've snatched the kids away and NOT done their homework; they'll be sued, and we will have to foot that bill. I am practically betting on that, thanks.

-I know that there is a big hue and cry about young girls and underaged sex. The law used to say you could get married in this state at 14 as long as you had parental consent; I believe the current marriageable age is 16 with consent. (Like a FLDS parent would refuse.) That's not as strong a foothold as anyone might think.

-School-I thought they had to go or be schooled to a minimum standard in this state. So why isn't anyone looking at THAT? That might actually work, you know.

-Food stamps-I got pissed when I found out that since polygamy is not recognized as marriage, most of the women are considered single mothers, and they are eligible for public assistance. That pisses me off. THAT we need to fix.

-No one's been arrested. Has anyone actually done anything illegal (aside from polygamy, legal welfare fraud of sorts, and not educating to the state's minimum)?

There are no do-overs on this one. As much as I dislike some of the sect's practices, I am worried that the court will have to let everyone go. Al Capone went to jail for tax fraud. Texas needs to keep that in mind.


Suzann said...

I am having the same fears about this as you are. I agree they should have kicked the men out and left the women and children together inside the compound. I was not to happy about separating the young children from their mothers. It seems that is more traumatic then it needed to be. Given the state of Foster care in most places. I wouldn't want to throw any child on its mercy
The FLDS hates our society and welfare cheating is considered "bringing down the beast" There must be other things the state can charge them with. Keep digging boys

Cindy G said...

Well, even if 16 year olds can get married, these girls aren't married in a legal sense (that would be actual polygamy, so they just get "spiritually" married.)

On a different note altogether, I just tagged you for a meme. If you hate the things like poison, pretend it didn't happen.