Monday, March 03, 2008

Yay, my phone works!

We had to buy a repeater so my phone would work at home. The wildly expensive yellow box contained a short whip antenna (18"), a clamp, a lot of cable, a box with a light on it, and another antenna the size of a pencil. You gotta be kidding, right? But my phone works at home now, and I am happy once again.

I had to go for bloodwork this morning, which involves a 50 mile trip to the VA. With no coffee. I cannot stand getting blood drawn. It's the look the tech gives me when she tourniquets me up, thumps my veins, rubs the inside of my elbow, thumps, and frowns. "I'm sorry, I forgot to drink a lot of water last night," I apologize. Stick one-got a vial, but she's wiggled the needle and the flow stopped. She rubs my arm. Checks my wrist. Goes for my other arm. Sticks. Zilch.
"Hey Anthony!" she yells. "Ya busy?" Anthony toddles over. Checks my wrist-the main vein, then the ancillary one on the side. Goes for my "I ain't EVER gonna commit suicide by slitting HERE" wrist, and coaxes some blood out. I spring a leak. Barely. I don't donate well, either. Three sticks and I am taking a cookie, whether they get any blood or not.

Since I have to drive forever to get to my blood taken, I shop on the way home. I stop by Dillards and visit the boobologist, and buy a new bra. Then I stop at the bookstore on the way home. I beat feet to the magazine section, and see this:

I am not sure if that's funny or sad, but I'd like to talk to the guy that does the merchandise plan. He's a smartass. (The photo was taken with my phone. And sent at home! Yay!)

I was really happy to see this on the shelf. I've become a much better cook recently. Tonight we had chicken with buttered lime and caper sauce, and it was REALLY good. And freakin' easy.


Minnie~Knits said...

Sorry about your blood giving experience :-
I hate it too, and I have to do it all the time to check my liver function. (epilepsy drug related). I am lucky though, I have one killer vein that just LOVES to cooperate.

smariek said...

Drive 50 miles to get tortured. Not fun. But that story reminds me of the days I stayed at the hospital after Miss M was born. They needed to draw blood and let this training nurse give it a stab, left side no go, right side no go. Don't need to mention how painful those were, right? I was relieved that the more seasoned nurse did it the third time and managed to draw some blood. (Ok, I know I probably could have declined and asked for the seasoned nurse to do it from the start, but people in training need practice whenever they can get it.)

Love how you shopped on the way home. You deserve that. I need to go to get my blood drawn this Thurs (and Sat), but there really isn't anyplace worth stopping to shop on the way home from the medical building. Well, maybe Borders bookstore.

Did they have prom magazines back when I was in high school? I don't think so.