Wednesday, March 26, 2008

If it's Thursday

it must be Hong Kong.

We left Shanghai for Hong Kong last night. We are staying in a GREAT place in Kowloon. You'll notice I can blog again; that's because the Chinese government blocks Blogger's IP. It is refreshing to watch real, unfiltered news again (even tho this has a decidedly British slant, it's ok, it was the ABSENCE of real news that was unsettling.) Shui Kuen sent me links to news of Tibet, and I could never read beyond the first page!

We are here for the Sevens, an international rugby 'thing' (OK, I don't KNOW a lot about rugby, but plan to learn this week). I am happy I get a chance to blog-photos later!


Suzann said...

Rugby=football without padding :)

I am really glad to see you blogging again. And glad we won't be sending care packages to China. Sounds like you are having a great time. I looked at the pictures you posted at Flickr so far.
I have a friend who is teaching English in Harbin. His emails home get edited. When he was home for Christmas his parents showed him what they had been receiving. I have no idea how the Chinese make out the British slang to censor them. god knows I have trouble understanding the Brits sometimes :-)
Have more fun, and shop a lot.

kellygirl said...

I've been enjoying your pictures too. Looks like you are having a ball! Sevens is rugby with seven person sides--it's exhausting. I played for a women's team in college--four years of getting battered. I don't remember much, of course. It seemed like a good idea at the time--thought it would be a good way to meet men (dumb girl, I know.)

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!