Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm deluded.

I like to pretend I am very cosmopolitan, but every so often, something utterly East Cupcakian happens, and there's no denying that I live in BFE. On Sunday, we were going to go fire at the range. We drove out to the range, unlocked the gate, drove in, locked it back up. We drove down the rutted dirt road, got to the tables and.....Oh, I guess not! They looked insulted by the very idea!

We met another truck as we were leaving. We told them about the obstacles on the range. They invited us to a (eye twinkling) barbecue.

On the knitting front-still slugging the damned albatross. Did a little easy knitting-another pumpkin hat and a 160 yard scarf.


Grace Yaskovic said...

Tommo never served in the military but he was the captain of the rifle team in high school, believe it or not in 1970 he was able to carry his rifle on the public bus he took to get to school in YONKERS NY no less, he hunted and target shot for years, Dad taught all of us how to shoot a 22 when we were kids, On our honeymoon in 1973 we were at a resort and one of the activities was a skeet shooting contest. Tom easily took the trophy in the men's division, but what knocked his socks off was I took the trophy in the women's division with an even higher score then his!! I don't think I have shot a gun since then but it was a great time!!

junior_goddess said...

Yay Gracie! (big smile!)

Enid said...

It happens.

YOu could shoot around them, eventually they get annoyed and move.

Or walk towards them slowly they move a way quickly. Well at least our cows did, they were well mannered in that respect. Unless you had a bag of food then they were right up on you like a hungry pup.

Gryffinitter said...

Ok - add another Elannimal to the list of women to SERIOUSLY avoid P*ssing Off, LOL!


Joan said...

Such a bucolic firing range. ;-}