Thursday, March 06, 2008


Remember that I wrote about buying a new, ungodly expensive repeater for my new iphone that I bought from the evil Apple store? The phone that wouldn't work at the house UNTIL I bought the repeater? The phone receipt is still on my fridge, dated Feb 3.

Dh called me while I was at the store yesterday afternoon about 3, and that was the last call I took. My phone's had a "no service" message on it since about 7. I spent a whopping 45 minutes on the phone with lovely Angela from ATT, and hopefully, someone will work on it today. I R-E-A-L-L-Y don't want to drive 70 miles to the Apple store, aka "hellonearth". So I am pissy about that.

I stash organized yesterday. I found this be-yootiful wool and silk in an abandoned project, so I frogged it, and tested it. It's Mystical Creations-my last wool and silk yarn turned from brilliant kelly and lime to um, sage and lime. The kelly green kept bleeding and bleeding and bleeding. I finally decided (at the third washing, when the water in the basin was DARK green) that it wasn't my fault! Apparently, this is a pretty common problem, and many of their yarns are poorly set. I wrote the company, and she replaced the yarn, but once you knit a garment that goes to hell like THAT, you are kind of careful.

I figured I should test this. The purple bled. A lot! I took pictures, but THEY ARE TRAPPED ON MY IPHONE. Hmmmph! Anyhow, look at the deep dark wavy purple. Notice how everything on the washed part doesn't look quiet as dark? I will probably bite the bullet and pitch this.

Note: Called Apple, phone ok, here's bleeding yarn photo. Water is from about 3 yards of yarn-soak one and soak 2.


Suzann said...

Whats up with Apple? I thought they were heaven on earth that us lowly non Apple people could only dream about. My daughter's Ipod is only a year old and the battery is going. I don't even think she has used it that much. New battery $59.00 ouch

Daryl said...

Bets, if the problem is that the colors aren't set, do you think it would be possible to set them retroactively so to speak? If you are going to toss the yarn anyway, it might be the perfect time to try it. Would soaking it in vinegar and water and then microwaving it, for silk wool work? Or maybe it is the silk part and should get a soda ash bath? I had some bamboo I didn't like as much as I thought I did, threw a bit in with some yarn I was dyeing anyway, and it took NOTHING up, so I read a bit more and the next time instead of vinegar put soda ash in with the dye and it took beautifully. Just curious whether that would do the trick.

NightOwlKnits said...

Bets -

Have you seen the thread ( on Ravelry about MCY? Unbelievable. You're not alone in this bleeding problem. If you have soda ash it should help - at least according to several Ravelers who've contributed to the thread. One nice person has also offered to try and "fix" the bad yarn that so many apparently received. If you decide to put the yarn on time out keep it away from your other stash too - it's been reported that MCY yarns will also bleed all over other yarns that it happens to touch. Yech.

smariek said...

I remember your previous rant about Apple, you're just not having much fun with them over there. Swing by the Bay Area and visit one of our stores, their service might be a bit better. (Last weekend we went in to get a replacement MacBook battery and it went pretty well)

Of course I can understand the pain of having to drive 70 miles to an Apple store. (Where do you live?! Pluto? Ok, I'm spoiled, the SF Stonestown store was 5 minutes from the old house, the SJ Valley Fair store is 10 minutes from the new house.) With the time and distance, you'd expect things to just work and be done with it.

Good luck!