Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tangerine Rolls for Tawnya Rivera and her dad

A few weeks ago, I was going thru a bookshelf and weeding through old cook books, the recipe piles I've been meaning to try, and clutter. I found an old Nordic Ware recipe book (price .25) that advertised Bundt Pans for 3.25 in exciting colors like Avocado and Harvest Gold (which, for some reason, is harder to bring to temperature, and requires an extra 5 minutes of baking time.) Leafing thru, I noticed a recipe for Easter Lamb cake, the kind my mom used to make, with cocoanut frosting and raisin eyes. I scanned a copy, and mailed it to my x-SIL, who has my mom's pan. She called me up later, laughing about it. (She's not that great of a cook.)
I sat down with that same leaflet this evening. As I looked, I realized that my MIL probably bought this booklet when they lived in Minnesota in the early 70s, and Nordic Ware was a booming local business. I wonder what caught her eye?
I glanced down at the recipe for Mandarin Coffee Bread, and realized it was not the first time I heard of that unusual recipe. I skimmed back thru a stack of old Cook's Country magazines, and there it was-a request from Tawnya Rivera, from September 2005. I emailed the magazine, but just in case, I am putting this out. Maybe she still needs it? I realize the gentleman described tangerine rolls, but I can see where mandarin and tangerine could get confused.

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Enid said...

Grrl!! God bless your memory. :D