Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who DOES this? And why?

In order to give my fingerprints a little mercy, I shuffled thru other projects.  I frogged the crochet experiment,  and putzed around the yarn cave to see what else I could do.  I found this:

and it surprised me, just a little bit.  Who knits entrelac lace in a solid color, and why?  Hmmm.  I tried it first in Cotton Joy Jr, and then in Sailor (I was going to put in yarn links, but neither is in Yarndex.  Interesting).  I wasn't thrilled with the matte cotton appearance of the yarns-they weren't a good stand-in.  

Also at the ready were a few bags of Elann's Sonata Print, which they recently put on clearance.  I grabbed a bag of Ensign Blue, and started in again.  The Sonata IS the right yarn sub for the Classic Elite original-it's nice.  I am not 1000% sure about the color.  Is there too much contrast to show this pattern effectively?  (It photographed a little lighter than actual tone.)

That being said, I am so sorry to see the prints go.  The website states that this color has a wide range of blue:
9769 Ensign Blues with 2608 Cape Cod Blue, 2137 Angel Blue, 2355 Tapestry Blue, 2612 French Navy, 2499 Capri Blue 

I see a navy, and indigo, a country blue, a royal, and a denim blue.  I am woefully sorry that I only bought one bag.  

I'd like your opinion (and plan to work a few more segments to get a really good idea).  Is this the right color to show this pattern off?  It would be tragic to marry this top with the wrong yarn; it's a lot of work.  I love this color and don't want to waste it.

PSS-I know I am going to have to tweak the proportions.  The cropped top and long 'short' sleeve is not a pretty look for me!


Cindy G said...

I like what I see so far, the decrease lines make a nice counterpoint to the color variation. But it really is hard to tell how it will look over a large area without, well, knitting a large area.... (I know, really helpful). I think it's worth going ahead with it.

Anonymous said...

I think you're going to have to knit a little more to see whether you like it or not. It's also hard to see how the sonata colors work until you've knit with it for a few inches in my experience. If the darks continue over the decreases, that's interesting.