Friday, June 26, 2009


This is the right yarn for this pattern.  Don't you agree?  I love love love Sonata, but the color changes were too strong.  This softer, toned down version of the color palette works much more effectively.


Grace said...

I like both but agree the lighter is great

No good news here, tom hasn't made up his mind yet and I had bad doctor news, its on Elann Chat on Rav.

Have a good weekend my friend!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Bets, with your change in yarn choice. You can see the lace holes and the interesting entrelac angles a lot better in the lighter color yarn, should get the full credit for all the work!

Sandra D

smariek said...

I really like that blue color, however I think that lacy pattern looks better in the lighter color.

Didn't know Sonata was being discontinued. Should I have bought some? (like I need more yarn...)

Is one bag enough for you to make that top? I like the main body of that top, but not really liking the "puffy" sleeve.

Jennifer said...

The blue is beautiful, but the lighter color gives the design more definition. Good Change. And thanks for the info on the T contest. Need to do some thinking and sketching today. Happy Knitting! Which I need to do some of that too as well as blog updating.