Friday, June 05, 2009

Little sillies

It's not that Suggy isn't spoiled.  She is.  A few weeks ago, I went to Ikea, and bought her a new pillow.  (Throw pillows at my house get tossed because they aren't fit for people after a month's worth of Suggy naps.)  And she likes her new pillow just fine.  Today, however, I heard a bunch of rustling and crackling.  Today, Miss Dog was interested in the OTHER pillow I must have left out for her.  Of course it was the ziplock bag I had my extra ball of project yarn in.  (She REALLY loves this yarn.  Remember this picture when she wadded up a full sized cape?)

As far as my project is going,  I find brioche stitch a little time consuming.  I like it, but it takes twice as many rows to make anything happen!  

I've made it to the body portion of my shrug.  Yay!!!



and just look at how well she guards it!!!


fyi....i finally figured out how to get the jasmine story pictures to stick! check them out! make ya go awwww!

smariek said...

Boy oh boy, am I behind in blog reading.

You were certainly mistaken in thinking it was YOUR ziplock bag. Possesion is 90% ownership, or something like that.

Cindy G said...

Aw that's so cute that she'd rather have the yarn bag (wouldn't we all, really?)

I know what you mean about brioche being slow, but it's looking great, and will be so super cozy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Suggy needs a pillow cover if there's enough of that left-over yarn that she loves so much. :) Sweet pictures!