Monday, June 15, 2009

Ohh, big deal package from FRANCE!!!

Wowwwww!  I placed an order with Bergere de France on the 7th, and guess what showed up today!  Oh, HAPPY DANCE!  

 and set me off in search of Bergere.  Yeah, I know I am
too old for that top.  I don't care.  I have a granddaughter.  I know people.  I'll find a body to put in it.

I don't speak French.  I don't care.  Once you've knit for a few years, you pretty much understand the arrangement of most knitting patterns, and I understand how they are laid out.  I can do this.  

The sparkling stars of my package?  Bergere sent their catalog.  Oh, if our yarn companies did THIS, I would adore them forever.  Who am I kidding, I would pour over the catalogs like Gollum, hoarding ideas, my fingers admiring every swatch.  Drooling.

This package made me wish I was a younger knitter.  Now that I have the skills to knit some of these garments, I would need serious plastic surgery to wear something like this smoking hot little red number!  

If you are a knitter under 35, I think you should RUN to find a French English translation chart.  Then you should do your best to beg, borrow, or steal an issue to look at.  These are GREAT looking, polished designs.  And if you are over 35?  You need to look!  There are patterns (like my milkmaidy dream) that don't suit me AS written, but that doesn't mean I can't adjust, adapt, and modify.  I do that anyhow!  

Why do the Europeans have it smack on?  I've thought for years that the German magazines had it right, and this stack of French leaflets is certainly drool-worthy.  Things look crisp, beautifully blocked, and PROFESSIONAL.  Wow, wow, wow!!  I want my own personal knitter!



you should knit them for yourself and damn the torpedos! if it make you happy and feels good...fooy on what anyone else thinks!

Anonymous said...

Bets, I am way over 35, but I would wear that top, sans the ribbons. I think it's the ribbons which make it youthful.

Cindy G said...

They sent yarn snips? Holy cats, that is sweet.

smariek said...

You're living in the wrong country! So how big is that catalog? It looks like it's pretty thick. Wow.

That's such a cute top.

Michelle said...

Are you joshin'? Wear that top! You're badass--you can so do it! I might be searching France for that pattern...