Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moving and the Gangs of East Cupcake

We've spent most of the weekend moving. Not a whole lot actually moved, but we dragged some big heavy stuff across town. I have the bruises to prove it. (This actually got me some sympathy from DH. This is good.)

Yesterday, we went in to SA to get 'stuff'. We both had tummy trouble, but neither would admit it to the other. Too much restaurant food. After the fact, I told him he was making me NUTS going in circles in the parking lot, looking for a space (there were PLENTY). He told me he almost lost it in the home accessories store. They had a lot of bath accessories, and they had plenty of potpourri stench to cover anything. We had a good laugh about that.

We came home, and I was fussing around the kitchen. Holy CRAP! There were four figures on the porch!! "HONEY!"

They whirled around to look at me. You could see the animosity building on their faces, their hair literally stood on end, and the leader mumbled in a low, throaty tone. The little pregnant girl looked at me with scared eyes.

Sugar trotted over to look.

Yes, I was terrorized by a gang, a herd of chihuahuas. And they are mouthy little shits! They charged DH twice, and then he led the whole marauding band back across the street and told their 'dad' on them. Damn neighbor kids!


Georgi said...


Cindy G said...

They're little, but they're tough! The only dog that ever bit me was a chihuahua.

Lisa W. said...

chihuahuas...and clowns..can be very frightening...there weren't any clowns with them were there?

smariek said...

Hey, I just noticed that the location in your sidebar now says something about the fictitious name... which leads me to wonder, did someone actually think it was a real name?

Next time the gang comes by, don't forget that you are armed to the teeth with lots of pointy sticks! :-)

Minnie~Knits said...

"a herd of chihuahuas" OMG that's hilarious...glad you survived!

Gryffinitter said...

Wouldn't Chihuahuas be traveling in a pack, rather than a herd?

I agree though - dang kids!