Friday, September 19, 2008

Stupid Walmart

This is almost done-I need two lousy skeins of embroidery floss to finish it up-but someone in corporate WallyWorldLand decided that there was no need to carry DMC in 4-H Land.  Now I gotta drive 35 miles for two lousy skeins.  It's for soon to be born nephew.


Suzann said...

Yeah, Wally World has been getting rid of all its craft stuff. First the fabric went. Gods my Mom loved their fabric dept. Cheap and plentiful. The yarn went next and all the cross stitch stuff. What is left is hardly worth the drive. It is really sort of sad. Wally World was my first LYS when I started knitting. Now that is scary.
The baby set is really cute.

Daryl said...

If you don't make it before next week, email me at home and I will drop a couple of skeins in the mail for you. I have a, uh, collection. But I won't be home until Sunday night, we're heading south to visit the wee one.

smariek said...

Cute baby set. I did eventually find WallyWorld within a half hour drive of our new house, and wasn't impressed by their knitting selection. Not going there again anytime soon. I can't explain why but I don't enjoy walking up and down the aisles at WallyWorld as much as I do at Target (no yarn there either, btw, lol).

Cindy G said...

That's so funny. I just finished posting about the insufficiency of Wallyworld selections, decided to catch up on blog reading, and first thing spotted this in your "recent posts"

The baby set is so sweet!

Enid said...

We still have that stuff at our wallyFart.

I can't believe they don't carry that stuff anymore. :/