Friday, September 19, 2008

Moving is

a lot of work

 full of potential

look, knitting!  This is a blog about knitting-a 100 yard hat for Knita's challenge.

when you are reminded that your common things are beautiful

a time for hopeful possibilities


smariek said...

You must be very busy with the move. Good to see you blogging again. So is moving a lot of work because everybody else is snoozing on the sofa???

Grace said...

I hope even though it is alot of work you are enjoying the whole process, can't wait to see the yarn cave in all its glory!

Suzann said...

So while Mark was snoozing were you tipy toeing in with the stash? :-}
We have moved so many times, I hate the thought of doing it again.

Daryl said...

I get excited about the possibilities for you, and keep forgetting how much work all that decision making is. The hat is really pretty..