Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Noro color tutorial (how Mr. Noro determines his colorways)

Have you ever wondered how Mr. Noro comes up with his fabulous color combinations? Have you ever wondered why he takes a string of delightful colors, and throws in that particular shade of lark's vomit? How does he do it? Where does he get the inspiration???

I've wondered for years. A few minutes ago, I was on the phone discussing Niji, a discontinued frothy bit of mohair and wool that came in the mail this morning. I looked down at my kitchen table, and saw a make-up bag and hankie, the remnants of a parcel my cousin sent me two weeks ago.


Ok, I totally get it now. Gomenesai, because I couldn't see it earlier. I feel like a wonkin' idiot. Someone in the family tree is gonna disown me. Here's a scan of the bag, a hankie, and a scarf that my mom gave me years ago. Do you see what I am trying to show you? They're just textile palettes. That's all.

The only thing that's wrong, that's not a direct copy, is that his proportions are equal. The particular shade of lark's vomit (aka mustard) that serves as an accent on the coral scarf, for example, actually has equal footing to the coral, grey, navy and green in his yarn. Which is why it seems like such a vast expanse of that color. Because it is.


Lisa W. said...

i never saw it before either...good for you for noticing ;0
so...whatcha gonna make with that new yarn?

junior_goddess said...

Not a damned thing-I will probably spend the next two weeks moving.

smariek said...

Good luck moving the stash under the radar.

Cindy G said...

Very insightful! And fascinating how a change in proportion can have such an effect on the impact of a color combination.

Good luck with the moving!

Joan said...

I use my old Kaffe Fassett books for color inspiration. He groups textiles, needlepoint, pottery, flowers, beads, etc, etc on a page and a palatte is produced. Love that.