Saturday, August 23, 2008

Breakfast for dinner

Shit, that woman is lazy.

I know, I know. I just talked about Eggs Benedict a few weeks ago. They are wonderful. You can imagine my longing, my drive to make something equally, magically, as good from almost nothing. It shouldn't surprise you that this recipe caught my eye. The tag line was irresistible:

If you slow things down a bit, you can turn scrambled eggs into something spectacular: Cooked very slowly, and stirred constantly, scrambled eggs can be a dish that's creamy, rich and luxurious enough to serve as a first course at an elegant dinner.
Try it once, and you may never do the quick scramble again. Try it twice, and you'll never fret again about a brunch menu.

Once you serve that recipe to people, you'll never have guests again. You won't even have any friends.

Mine came out like softboiled egg paste. DH didn't go for it either, and in the amount of time it took to prepare, I could make chicken or something. I was so flummoxed by the egg nastiness, I surfed to Cook's Illustrated and wrote the editors to ask about that recipe. Could that method ever work? I'll let you know if I hear back on that.

I love Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country. Unlike a lot of recipe magazines, they focus more on the method (the right cut, the right temperature, to salt before or after?) than the recipe (1/4 tsp of gnat's wings, and a core from the Golden Snitch). Recipes I have. Teach me how to cook! I am a much better cook than I was 10 years ago, and I will credit both of those publications. And right now, Cook's Country is looking for recipe testers.

Several months back, I was leafing thru a Taste of Home, and guess who I saw? It was Gracie! She was a field editor. I was stunned-I've been buying that magazine for years & she's been in it for years! And I was a little in awe, because that magazine packs in some serious yumminess. So when I saw Cook's Country's blurb, I signed right up, so I can be just like Gracie. And maybe not have any trouble coming up with what to feed DH-THAT'd be nice.

I am almost done with the preggo cardi. It needs a bath and buttons. I can sew up the baby cardi, and mail both to DD this week. Elann has SERIOUSLY beat my butt this week-it's been multicolored yarn fest, and I need to finish a few UFOs. Look at that Noro Niji! How could I turn my back on it??!! I spent so long on that lace cardigan this year that I am really itching to crank some yarn.


Cindy G said...

Since when did scambled eggs become luxury food? Oh, maybe if I had the dried tuna roe on hand.....

Your comments made me think, though, that whether it's cookbooks or knitting books, I also like the one's that tell you how and why. Of course, in my case, the knitting books actually see a lot more use than the cookbooks. (Not that I'm particularly proud about that.)

junior_goddess said...

One of my women's mags had a big article-feed 4 under 10.00. They were talking about eggs. No duh. Even eggs are almost 2.00 a dozen this summer-everything is sooo high!

Cindy G said...

Yeah, I'm starting to think maybe some chickens in the back yard wouldn't be a bad idea.

smariek said...

I like Cook's Illustrated! Great tips in that mag.

Grace said...

i hope you enjoy being an editor, I definitely did!!!