Sunday, July 08, 2007

Schachenmayr #68

(What is it with Blogger and titles this week? I'm having trouble posting titles! And photos too!)

I tackled one of my UFOs and have been diligently working. The project came to a complete halt when I thought I would run out of yarn, and had to track down more Solista. (Notice that the time languishing was the square of the number of days needed to find, order, and receive three extra balls of yarn? ) Enough languishing, I have some new knitting on deck, and I need to finish this! (I also need to sew Wren together, but I am not going there right this second! For that matter, I have a shawl that requires blocking and pinning too....)

This is an entirely satisfactory project. I need some other good ideas that work well with directional yarns (I think I bought about 40 balls of this stuff in assorted colors! Don't frown, it was a buck a ball!) I had a small meltdown when I discovered that one of the balls was wound BACKWARDS...all other balls were wound white, to print, to silver. On the front panel, it doesn't matter, but the print on the sides had to flow similarly, or it will bother me for life. (I actually look at how prints sit on commercial clothing too---no one wants identical hydrangeas growing out of their breasticles, or leaves that point to cleavage or crotch, right? Or maybe they do???)

I am almost done-I have one side panel left. I've found myself wearing my handknits out to dinner lately. I hope I like this one! I can credit Libby and her Summer Olympic Training for restarting this project. Thanks Lib, for lighting a fire under my butt!

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Grace Yaskovic said...

i have no problem with pictures but no titles are allowd. Looks like your knitting mojo is back in full force Bets!!