Saturday, July 21, 2007


Benne 0.810
Grace 0.950
Les 0.930
Sandra 0.953
Bri 0.864
Cate 0.957
Jamie 0.941
Trish 0.875
C.needles 0.882
Smarie 0.870
Lisa 0.976
Daryl 0.800
Kellygirl 0.864
T 0.800

I've spent the last hour trying to get a bundle of BabySwag together for the winner of our Libbypool. I've packed and repacked, and stuffed about as much into this envelope as I can.

Certain people have suspected our winner has a certain amount of insider knowledge (gasp!) They're just jealous, Lisa, it has nothing to do with you being a midwife.

Congrats, Lisa!


Lisa W. said...

whoohoo...swag is comin' my way! i is a lucky guesser! And honestly i think most of you all have more contact with the libster than i I KNOW it was just plain ol' dumbass luck :) Thanks for havin the contest Bets...(hey, and thanks to Libby for being pregnant and havin the baby and all...that's HARD work!)

junior_goddess said...

Don't thank me til you get the package-the postal pack mule said 3-5 weeks!!! (I was trying to economize, because I had to send a package to Tokyo this morning too, but I didn't know they were strapping yours to a whale and putting it into its migratory path!!!)

I spent a good deal of time on the phone with T, trying to decide what to send, and my first choice wouldn't fit into the envelope!

Joan said...

Yes!! Yes!! The midwife DOES have insider info! ;-p

Seriously, enjoy the swag, Nurse Lisa!

Grace Yaskovic said...

Congrats to Lisa, and like she said Thanks Libby for having a baby so we could have a contest, please some other Elannite must now step up to the plate so we can gamble some more!!