Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nuppotism is good!

I finished my first Swallowtail shawl a few weeks ago. It was a fairly easy knit-except for the lily buds, or nupps. In the original pattern, the instructions dictate that you K1, YO, K1, YO, K1 all in one stitch. Simple enough. On the return, however, you are instructed to P5 tog when you reach that spot, and THAT is a pain in the butt. I frowned, my tongue poked out, and I looked and felt like I was learning to knit all over again. And it was a slow process.

When I started this second Swallowtail, I set out to find a way to beat the nupps, and I think I have. First, I tried working it like an I-cord, slipping it back onto the left-hand needle and reworking it twice. In theory, it should have worked, and it did, kinda sorta. The resulting element looked like a blob, and I didn't like that. The I-cord blobs are highlighted with pink.
This morning, the heavens finally opened on my feeble brain, and I got the crochet hook out. When I got to my nupp stitch, it was C1, YO, C1, YO, C1, draw yarn thru all the loops. And it works!!! Look at the yellow circle. On the return, I work nothing but purls between the garter bands. It's clean, its easy, and hey, it adds only one stitch at the nupp area. I could slip the nupp if I really cared, but I don't.

I don't plan to tink or frog the offending nupps-it won't be noticeable on a galloping horse, and the mohair is pretty forgiving. YAY! GO Swallowtail Shawl!


Lisa W. said...

clever girl! integrating other craftiness. i LOVE this yarn choice!

benne said...

Bers, that's beautiful! You have entered a NO NUPPS zone - good thinking. What's your yarn? It's lovely.

Anonymous said...

That is too weird! I haven't yet started my Swallowtail, but I have been thinking about those darned nupps a lot! I didn't even know what they were until just recently. Anyway, I'm a crocheter from way back, and I thought I would try the same thing you did when I came to the nupps. I am so glad to know that it works!

Vamanta said...

I'm working a pattern now with the K1/YO sequence SEVEN times into 1 st. Who thinks up this torture?

Love your Swallowtail, dyslexic or not. I'm sure it looks perfect to everyone but you.

junior_goddess said...

I think the REVERSE will be the torture, Joan!