Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Dean of Honor and other stuff

I heard from my best brother this week. He texted me twice from some Hong Kong bar's disco night, crabbing and complaining. I think it's his version of drunk dialing. I made fun of him, because he once won a company Christmas talent show acting in a Village People skit.

Then he called me Saturday morning. He's doing VERY well, and has saved a TON of money living there, but stuff Stateside worries him, like how the dog gets pissed off when he drops in to visit. He's worried about his stateside housemate's health problems, and a second one who's about to get evicted, because the other housemates won't put up with certain crap.

He's my favorite, clear and simple. We didn't have an easy time growing up. I left as soon as possible. He stayed, and grew into an amazing guy. I need to visit, just because I think we understand each other on such a visceral level. He was my Dean of honor when DH and I married.

I happened to meet my intended Swallowtail recipient last week. I have serious doubts about her EVER wearing a shawl, heck, even appreciating a shawl, so I went out and bought a pretty Tyler candle for her instead. Swallowtail is finished, and waiting to be hard blocked, and then I'll take a picture. I think it might go to Betty, who is an ex-colleague, but I am not certain.

And now, I plan to settle in with some SWS and have a little science project---MIL and BIL show up this week, and I need to have something finished on Sunday.


Daryl said...

Thank Goodness you met her before giving the shawl to her. There are so many people who would appreciate the Swallow tail, and some who just would not understand the whole shawl concept, let alone appreciate what it means in terms of your time and thought. Glad you and your brother are close, Daryl

jayne said...

Your Dean of Honor is one charming looking guy. You two have the same smile! I always wanted a brother (got nasty-assed sisters instead lol). I hope you get to see him soon.

Enjoy your SWS experiments...just don't forget the AMAaaaaaZing shrinking properties of SWS!

Bri McStan said...

I'm glad that you got a good brother in this life. Too bad he's so far away so often.

MIL and BIL- sounds like a full house.

Lisa W. said...

nice thoughts about your sibling bets. enjoy whatever time you can with him. and about that'll find the right home..have fun with the her closely though, she's fast and easy!

Grace Yaskovic said...

I am so glad you have a brother to count on!!! can't wait to see your shawl!!

Vamanta said...

I am so relieved you are keeping the swallowtail.

I loved the story of your brother. Even dabbed my eyes a bit. Thanks for sharing it. :-)