Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I'm the Queen!

I qualified for the crown this week. After I figured out how to make the Swallowtail Shawl nupps behave, it was all smooth sailing. I was on the last row of the fourth lace chart, and looked at my charts. And then I saw it.
In the pattern, as published in IWK Fall 2006, chart one and two are identical on each half of the shawl, as is chart five. Charts three and four mirror each other.
Dammit. Damn. DAMN. This is the second time I've knit this in less than six weeks, and this is the first time I saw that. There's no way my laceweight mohair will tolerate the frogging.
Talk about losing momentum on a project. Only 16 rows from completion, and I discover I am a complete and total __________(you fill in the blank, whatever, it can't be worse than the term floating in my brain). Might as well finish it. And gift it away, don't you think?


Lisa W. said...

goa ahead and finish it JUST LIKE THE OTHER one..literally no one...(excepting super picky knitting judges) would ever even know that there was an issue. But you are right,things like that definately throw ice water on a great project..especially when we're feeling a little "smug" for figuring out a new technique or something. Ratz for you...i feel your pain...regardless of the non-mirroring pattern...that yarn is gorgeous and so is the shawl. finish it already so you can move ON..(and start another one!)

jayne said...

If it looked great the first time around (and it did), it will look great the second time too. But I agree with Lisa --once you know it's there, it's a damper. No one will notice, so if you have to gift it away to feel better, fine. I like a little imperfection in all things.

BTW, I read your story about the amazing disappering leftovers. Ugh. My sister does that kind of thing sometimes. I think I've become a lot less polite than I used to be -- I would defend my leftovers today. But in the past, I would have stood there, helpless and silent.

enid said...

Yeah what Lisa said. I think it's pretty.

ScullyKnits said...

I'd say if you made 2 and didn't know, then no one else will.
Finish it and love it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, B! We all have our moments.

benne said...

What Lisa said. It's beautiful.