Monday, June 26, 2006

Ehhh-what an underachievement

After 4 years of wringing my hands because I didn't UNDERSTAND the Japanese schematic, and being so proud that I figured it out, it's knitted. Ehh. Nothing special. It's got a petite scale, which my DMIL will appreciate, but really, it's just a t-shirt. What a let-down. It's all over but the sewing.

I cast on for Grumperina's Picovoli. Find the info at I'm using Elann's Lilac Sachet Sonata DK cotton. When I say I am making it, I mean I am not hacking and slashing the pattern to bits-I tweaked it by using YO increases at the raglan, because the color is soooo girly girl, and I opened up the neckline a little, which will be MUCH more flattering for the giftee, who's a little busty. I am also going to use Ladder Lace on the "side seams" to correlate with the YO increases. It's such a girly color, anything more lacy would be overkill, but I wanted to add a little pop!


Bri McStan said...

i think that t-shirt project turned out quite well. i'll have to have a look at the gumperine project you've cast on. must be pretty good if there won't be too many modifications.

Sandra D said...

I like it! It IS special, I think it will be a flattering fit (I'm partial to short & cropped) and the Cypress color distribution turned out great! Did you have to alternate balls to get that?