Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ditch it or not?

Oh, look! The Picoveli yoke is done-in spite of itself. I had a frog incident yesterday when I had a serious look at exactly how big 31 stitches (cast on for the underarm) was. It was BIG. I tried it on, and said "Yeah, it's gotta go." So I frogged. About 20 rows, and then cast on 21 stitches for the underarm.

But in doing so, I have seriously undermined my confidence in my ability to create a top DD actually wants to wear! I added 12 stitches at cast on so the neckline would be more open-but it's REALLY open.

And so I have to make a decision this morning-press on, or frog the 2 1/2 balls that are knitted........and cast on Soleil that's shown in Knitty instead?? Hmmm. Gotta pick. Soleil is looking better and better because I don't have any confidence in this project. Damned frog!

Mark made a "ditch it or not" choice yesterday. He walked into the shop yesterday, and we all did a double take-he got a haircut and donated it to Locks of Love. He said the girl at the salon didn't want to cut his hair. Several women walked in to the cafe and sulked about Mark cutting his hair. Living proof that yes, my DH has the best hair in the universe. I like the way he looks with short hair (he only had the ponytail for a year), but on the other hand, we can't kid him about looking like Jesus anymore.

It's a rough ditch it or not?


Libby Grant said...

Bets, is that the Sonata I'm seeing? I really like how its turning out! NICE.

Congrats on Mark for his donation.


Evelyn McClennen said...

Ditch it girl. The Soleil looks wonderful.

enid said...

Way to go Mr. M!
I can picture it now, when the donated hair arrives to
it's final destination. the delivery parcel is opened and bright shining light radiats on to the persons face, trumpets and angels singing in the background.

All kidding aside that is super cool, lot's of people will be lucky to have such a great donation. I've yet to see it though. Who knows when I'll pop up.