Sunday, August 09, 2009

More stash busting?

Look what I bought!  

Or at least, something very much like it.

A few weeks ago, I rumbled through the stash, and decided that I had several things that were serious mail order disappointments.  Look at this-really pretty, but impossible to use unless I get a carrier yarn.  Or possibly weave it.  Stupid loopy rayon boucle.

Then I got a flyer from Woodland Woolworks, and I've had loom fever ever since.  

I've been intrigued by the possiblity of a large triangle shawl loom and am really interested in a large square (could you imagine looming baby blankets??) but for right now, the little one will do.  This one was priced just right.  And it looks like there's at least a little on-line help.

I wonder if I will like it?

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Daryl said...

Hey, I've got piles of rayon boucle too!Mine is from Mystic Creations. DD#1 made a Monterey Scarf from one skein which worked out really nicely, but I'm thinking weave the rest up also. I think I actually originally purchased it with that intent, but then was scared about having enough to finish a project after I had cut it into bits for the warp.