Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nihonjin knitting

Michael Kors says "That crotch is insane!"

I know.  You are so jealous you can hardly contain yourself.  
I can see it in your eyes.  You are dying to ask me for copies.
Knitting patterns, Japan, circa 1968.  
In the dark ages of the 60s, it was important to keep the ladybits warm.  
This started at a very young age, but the scratchy woolens  annoyed Japanese women.

 Note the maternity panties, lower left

There were no corresponding garments for the guys, sorry.  They just froze, I guess.  No wonder they stayed out late drinking.  They were afraid to go home to those cra-jee women.


Daryl said...

Knitted Panties!!!!!! In the 60s yet, I could imagine maybe in the 30s, but the 60s.No wonder the Japanese work ethic is famous!

Diane said...

Humm now I feel like I've missed out of the whole knit pantie thing. Imagine how warm my lady bits could have been this entire winter. Oh if only I had known .... of course with a gauge of 12 stitches per inch it would take me a while to get them done.

smariek said...

Too funny. Bet they had luxury cashmere versions for the rich.

Cindy G said...

Well, you know, I would actually like to have that pair with the lace panel running down the side.