Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everything old is new again

I screwed up my courage and opened some boxes today.  My Dad died two years ago, and the boxes I opened were boxes from his house.  I couldn't open those boxes until I was ready to acknowledge that I have no parents.  I didn't really know what I would find.  

I found my dad's bad assed grey oxfords with leather soles-I kept them because HE kept them. ( You gotta be some kind of BillyBadAss to wear dove grey jazz oxfords that match your suit!  And he kept that for 50 years!)   I found a little wool dress that I must have worn-it's navy blue, and moth eaten.  I think my aunt made it for my cousin-the bodice is lined in liver colored silk, and it has bound buttonholes.  My mom made a lot of clothes for me, but I never EVER saw a bound buttonhole.  That's why I think Aunt Fumiko made it.  I found a lightweight blue silk kimono that must be my brother's.  I'll mail it out because it just became my nephew's.

And I found knitting books.  My mom used to sit on the recliner counting "one, two, three ko ko nuts!"  (I wrote that phonetically).  These aren't THE knitting book, but they are still nice to see.  There are some from the mid 80s....and one treasure from 1968 (foldout open).

This green cabled number is REALLY cute.  Worth making, maybe for DGD?  I swear I have seen that hot pink cardi redone recently.   I know that stitch pattern.

There are more gems in this pattern journal that I will show you later in the week.  You will DIE for the patterns!  Stay tuned!


Michelle said...

You're a brave badass knitta. I'm sorry to read about your folks. Your bro should be happy to receive the kimono for his lad (and I say I'm not Irish).

Awesome books. I can't believe there isn't a puffy sleeve or body that 8 sizes too large in either of your pics.

Cindy G said...

Sounds like a pretty poignant moment, opening the boxes.

I'm glad the knitting books were there.

Anonymous said...

Those designs look so good. This must have been before the big-shoulder 80's sweaters! At the same time, they don't look too tight either, they're just right.

I got a bunch of boxes in my basement too but my family wasn't much the sentimental type, about each other that is! Just lots of papers & household brick-a-brack. Glad you are finding treasures that can be passed on :-)

Sandra D