Monday, March 23, 2009

Lateral thinking-

I ordered roses this morning.  Yesterday, I took a tour of the East Cupcake Botanical Gardens, and found them lacking.  We put some things in last fall, and some of them are doing wonderfully ... and some are only sputtering, like our firebush.  I posted an eviction notice for the firebush (it will move to the back yard) and some new roses will move in.

I became rose fluent about 10 years ago, right after a miscarriage.  At first, I planted a rose to remember the baby.  Then I got good at roses.  Hybrid teas, climbers, polyanthas, floribundas.  
I learned my lesson.  Some roses are REALLY finicky.  Some are easy as pie.  

Knock Out is one of those easy as pie roses.  I put some in last year.  One plant grew an enormous cane that towers two feet over everything else.  I arched it and weighted it down with a Coke bottle,  in hopes that it will sprout some lateral growth and quit looking like a bayonet.   These days, EVERYONE carries Knock Out, so much so that it is hard to find other roses.  I surfed over to Chamblee's Roses, which I shop because they are reasonable, they are one of the bigger growers in Texas, and they are by my DMIL's.  The Antique Rose Emporium almost got my business today, but I wanted some quirky things that they just didn't carry.

I ordered another Knock Out, a Mutabilis, a few Belinda's Dream-the basis of this my new rose garden.    Mutabilis is such a big girl, I bought her to anchor one very bare corner of the house.  Belinda's Dream is a beautiful fragrant girly rose-you would never know that she is Earthkind AND a Texas Superstar plant-meaning I don't have to mess with her.   Yay.  I bought three for a little hedge.  

For me, choosing roses is kind of like buying yarn.  You can have all the gorgeous all natural organic spun by fairies and dyed with moonbeams yarn in the universe, and some little slip of polyester novelty will catch your eye.  Because it's pretty.  (Raise your hand, c'mon now, I know you've been there.)  So I bought a Wild Blue Yonder (above) which will pop against my house.   And it's the Air Force Song ... they were pretty much guaranteed a sale.  I also bought Hot Cocoa, because it will SING when I put it next to my plumbago.

After I placed my rose order, I went and did some running around.  I've got furniture coming today, so I took DH's clothes to the cleaners, picked up some Bisquick ... now I can settle in for some knitting.  I stopped by my mailbox and guess what?!?

A present from my cousin!  Red, and flowered (but with cherry blossoms instead of roses, to celebrate Girl's Day).  

My rockin' out lounge jammies.


Cindy G said...

Wow, the roses are going to be gorgeous.

NightOwlKnits said...

Wow - I so envy people who can grow roses! Between my complete lack of a green thumb and living in an area that is thick with deer who see our neighborhood as a giant tasty salad bowl I'm afraid roses will never grace my yard... can I settle for sharing your pretties vicariously?

Michelle said...

*gasp* I want some sakura jammies! It looks like I'll have to keep my eye out for some fabric.

The roses are gorgeous. I would love to learn more about roses, but I'm a lazy gardener. It's borderline tragic.

Grace said...

I miss having a garden and roses, grow some for me OKAY???

LisaW. said...

missing the rose love...loving the jammies!

kellygirl said...

I love the roses too but I kill all green living things. DH doesn't understand how someone that is Asian and comes from a long line of farming stock can be so inept in the gardening department (90% of the landscapers/gardeners around here when we were kids used to be Japanese.)

smariek said...

Nice jammies! Nice roses! I'm not much of a gardener, the weeds are winning. Sigh...