Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So do we like this fabric??

I've been thinking about a preggocardi for DD for a few days now. I asked some folks, looked at a few places, and there's not a ton out there in maternity wear. Forget Mommy Snug, that looks like a pain, I have seen the directions!!!

So I started a top down cardi. The sleeves are cellular stitch, and after the bodice underarm, I am starting traveling vine. Both stitches are from the Blue Barbara. I don't have a ton of this yarn, let's hope I can stretch it like taffy!!! It's blue Elann Bag Wool (a store mistake that's been marinating for a few years) and some Berrocco Mosaic that was marked down to .97. Hell, I had to buy THAT!
Anise, or Mocha Marvel from January's Simply Knitting, is probably next.


Suzann said...

Looks very pretty. Traveling Vine stitch does spread a lot. I swatched it for socks. Too much give. You should be ok. The blue bag wool is really pretty. I have a couple of bags, but only the tan/mocha/brown stuff. Love bag wool. I don't remember the blue.

Daryl said...

Very pretty. You know I'm going to love that blue. It looks perfect for any shape person sweater.

Lisa W. said...

great color....looking forward to seeing how it works up. gotta love those top downs with the lacy for yarn frugals like us.

smariek said...

I've heard about the famous "bag wool", I must have missed out on it. Boo hoo. And you can't turn down 97 cent yarn!

Very neat how you've used both the wool and Mosaic together. I look at a yarn like Mosaic and think I could never do anything with it. I just don't have your imagination.

I was hoping that the Feburary Lady Sweater might make a good preggocardi.

Cindy G said...

Mmmm, that looks like it's going to be a nice one.