Friday, July 25, 2008

Six dollars

I stuck my head into LYS yesterday to check for some more Mosaic and a new circ. Yay on the circ, but no on the Mosaic. S' ok, I will do some more looking, not a problem.

Our LYS was sold recently, after more than 35 years under the same owner. Look at the stack I got for 6.00. There are 4 mid-nineties issues of VK, and I thumbed thru them (I own them, but it's rare that I sit down and LOOK at them. Usually, I am pattern crawling). There were articles on up and comer Pam Allen, as well as a spread on Adrienne Vittadini, who has recently shut down the knitwear segment of her line. (Sigh) I thought it was kind of interesting to see where people had been, just to compare to where they are going.

I found this particularly interesting cardigan. I think it would work well thru a really snowy January on a pregnant woman. What do you think?


Enid said...

Very nice find.
Nice that you keep these little secrets all to yourself. mmmm.


Daryl said...

Love that pattern. I would offer you HS back up, but I don't have any. Surely one of "us" must have some for back up. Perhaps you could scout the back up possibilities before committment?

Evelyn said...

Yep....I think you found the right preggie cardigan. Go for it. Looks like it might take a ton of wool.

smariek said...

Looks nice. My question would be: does it require seaming? lol. Of course YOU have no problems with doing that sort of thing.

Suzann said...

Beautiful pattern Bets. The color is deep and rich but the pattern still shows up nicely. Of course it is blue, need I say more :-)