Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Other swatches

I've had a really big WIP at my house since January. My WIP IS my new house. I live in the house we bought when we moved down here 13 years ago, right after we'd been to court for the kids and still had big legal bills, and knew Mark was getting out of the military. We've lived in the little modest house for a long time. So in January, we started this ball rolling.

House from scratch is a lot harder than you might imagine. For one, the architect, who is a licensed "a professional" may be a flake. (I was going to use a different term that I never ever use. You might think 'douchebag' is part of my everyday venacular. It's not.) One of those people who owns the credentials but doesn't do the work? More on that later.

So here are swatches-

I found it difficult to pick these things out, because unlike choosing yarns or fabric for projects, redoing whole interiors isn't something I get to do all the time. And it's difficult to know how things are going to translate into the real world. Like the bold berry colored stain on the red-oak sample I circled? My cabinets are not nearly as red as you'd think, and this shot shows them as fairly red. Actually, they are primarily a cool brown. (I have maintained for years that my best brown is mauve, and I think it's STILL true.)

And the granite? That was selected in March, and I stood in the stoneyard with a list of stone varieties "in budget" sweating like a pig, trying to visualize slabs the size of small U-Hauls as my kitchen counter. They installed it yesterday, and I walked in yesterday evening at 8:30, and holy shit. I thought I had snow leopards mating on the counter-tops. We had to have a fight about it today. DH was annoyed because I was not over-joyed, but seriously suspecting my own taste level. I was scared I screwed up and ordered really expensive fug.

I turned it over in my mind and thought about this-it seems so loud because it is the only patterned thing in the whole house. And I went to visit it today. In the late afternoon light, I see fewer leopards, and more rivers of gold and bits of berry and it is ok. DH likes it better too.

And they turned on the power last night too. See that big towering structure to the far right? That's the garage. And above it is the yarn cave.


benne said...

Bets, I love the house! That granite is going to look fabulous. It is dramatic and very interesting. After you get furniture in the house, it will be perfect. Love the yarn cave. I want a yarn cave too. OMG! It just hit me. You have to move your yarn. I suggest under the cover of darkness when DH is out of town. ;)

smariek said...

It looks huge! I remember you mentioning the yarn cave, I can't wait to see it finished. I could use one of those in my house.

Ooh! Brand new kitchen. Cool! It'll look great once it's put together and you have your stuff in there.

I always thought it would be fun putting it all together, choosing almost every element, etc. but in reality it would never happen because I'm such an indecisive person.

So who gets to change those light bulbs hanging underneath the roof overhang?

Evelyn said...

Bets, your house it gorgeous. How did you manage to keep this a secret from your cyber friends?
How close is your new house to East Cupcake? I went through this about 6 years ago and it was fun but I would never do it again. My DH designed all the houses on our street so it was logical that we chose the best lot. As our neighbours moved in it was fun to meet them and tell them that we had a part in creation of their house. You're in for a delightful surprise when you finally move in and call it your own. It's a wonderful feeling, to have everything new. We sold all our old furniture and started all over again. So much fun.
Make sure you keep the pictures coming so we can share your excitement.

Anonymous said...

Betsy your house is just beautiful.


Joan said...

What a fabulous house, bets!! A big beautiful WIP, which you and your creative brain can more than handle. Hope you are having some fun too.
A yarn cave sounds like it has lots of room to stretch out. Enjoy the process when you can (avoiding the d'bags).

Daryl said...

Bets it looks incredible. So hard not to be able to rip out and start over when you don't like the way it is coming out. I swore off pickig colors for paint when the first room we painted ended up Crest tooth-paste green with Smurf blue trim and i've let DH pick colors ever since. But I think you are on track and the snow leopards will fade with your stuff in. I love the structure of your kitchen, it is looking fabulous.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful house and kitchen! I remember when I first visited California as a kid and was enchanted with the pastel colored stucco houses and wondered why we couldn't have the same thing back home (not right for our climate, Dad said). I also love the look of your kitchen, rich looking wood and the marble-like countertops. I think the pattern you chose is great, sets off the wood very nicely.
How wonderful to have a yarn cave, too and one with a window, so you can see all the beautiful colors of your yarn! Sandra

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! Building a house can be stressful, but it is also a lot of fun. Your kitchen will be divine. The granite stuck out for you because the kitchen isn't finished yet, but it will all come together.

Suzann said...

Betsy it is beautiful granite. I love the pattern and color. You have great taste, so stop second guessing yourself!

Anonymous said...

You and DH are doing an amazing job. It looks super - elegant but warm.
You'll soon be enjoying it fully.


(On a funny note: is the color of your kitchen walls really called Patience? How