Saturday, July 12, 2008


Went to a gun show with DH today. Four is the number of people I saw with FINGERS ON TRIGGERS in the first hour. OMG, I just wanted to slap them, and a few of them were old enough to be draft eligible when I was little. Ah, see what draft dodging did? Made you STUPID!

I considered telling my single girlfriends to do something at a gun show to meet fellas-DH told me that was a bad idea. I saw a couple of pasty white guys with heavy backpacks on. He was probably right. Better that they stick to dog shows and the like.

Four is also the number of rows in my Queensland Tahiti stitch pattern-after I posted that photo yesterday, someone popped up and said their friend was having trouble with Tahiti biasing in stockinette. I went and looked, and sure enough, she did have trouble. I didn't notice any bias on mine, because I have 3 rows of stockinette, and one garter ridge (knit 1 row on the wrong side). The garter ridge apparently rights all the yarn karma, it's no trouble.

I'm working on 6s, which are 8s in every one else's world.


Marguerite said...

Beware washing the Tahiti. I machine washed mine in warm water and it shrunk 12%! in row gauge, none in stitch gauge.


i''m with people...especailly men dog people are so very nice!