Sunday, March 25, 2007

What a beautiful color...!

This is lovely! I made DD a Lilac Sachet Sonata Print Soleil top last year, and she liked it. She wanted it a little bit longer, but other than that, she liked the fit, the color, the neckline .... everything. I am duplicating it in Seashell Sonata. This colorway is for Springs (because of that warm carmel color) and Summers (look at that lovely slate blue) , but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate it. It's the kind of colorway you can wear with a lot of things. I think it would make great baby gear.

I stumbled a little starting Soleil. For a few minutes, the yarn told me it wanted to be a Lace-up Tank so I swatched it. After finishing Lady E, I wasn't really keen on starting another modular project. To my relief, my single square did not "Wow" me. (Notice I only did one square!!)

It's funny how slow I knit with an eye patch. Peculiar, not ha-ha.


Joan said...

Like everything else in life, your body & mind will be accustomed to your covered eye and adapt. Those fingers will be flying along in no time. So glad you are feeling better!

I am not a Sonata fan (if I'm knitting cotton it has to feel silky)but your colorway is beautiful, as are all the others.

Suzann said...

I started the lace up tank for my daughter last year. She didn't like it, she said it felt lumpy. Glad I had only done two rows. I could see it wasn't "wowing" her either. I do like the colors of you lace. Probably not good on me. I am dark, Italian coloring.
ahh my one eyed knitter. I will have to knit you pirate socks :-)