Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Donation, Soulumination, and I am a big chicken!

I recently joined a local civic organization. One of the group's pet projects is Relay for Life, a cancer fund-raiser, which will take place next month. The event liason mentioned that they needed items for a silent auction. Hmmmmm. I wondered if I could knit something to add to the silent auction??? I am a such a chicken. I am not sure that anyone would want to PAY for my knitted items. I kicked the idea around in my mind a little, because it's scary.

This morning, Austermann Pharao was on sale at Elann. My friend Shui Kuen (designer of several of Elann's patterns) just finished a Swallowtail in Pharao. I wonder what it would look like to knit Pharao up using small beads in place of the blasted nupps. I ordered a little dark green, and some ballet pink, just two shawlettes worth.

Shortly after that, I found Lynette Huffman Johnson's photos of my friends Camari and Brian. Lynette has a job that is both beautiful and terrifying; as the founder of Soulumination, she takes photos of terminally ill children. I've known Camari and Brian since 1986, and have lost and regained contact several times during the past 21 years. Lynette took some wonderful pictures of Camari.

This helped me make up my mind. If my friend can struggle through cancer TWICE, the least I can do is knit up 600 measly yards of cotton, don't you think?


Joan said...

My gawd, we are on the same wave length today! I also posted about cancer & fundraising. Eerie!

Lisa W. said...

good karma all around and wow....i'm humbled by the work your friend does...her angel wings are already on hold and ready for her to pick up when she's ready!

Anonymous said...

Everyone should visit the Soulumination website and Lynette's blog. It's beautiful, moving, and profound.

Grace Yaskovic said...

good for you Bets, I think its wonderful of you to do this for them, it seems like cancer is touching all of our lives lately, besides the politicos we all seem to be touched personally by a poor soul who is battling this horrific disease!!

benne said...

Bets, I had to stop looking at the children's pictures, my heart was breaking. I'd like to see the show in person alone. I think I would just break down and sob but I would want to see every face and honor every life. It is work beyond imagining, so many little lives with so much promise and courage. The work of angels, indeed.