Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rating the yarn stores of Colorado Springs

I went to three yarn stores when I was home.  Here's my take on all of them-

Knitter's Cove-Union Blvd:  On summer hours.  I showed up at 10 one morning, and they didn't open til noon.  By noon, I was knee deep in diapers and singing the popsicle song.  Miss.

Table Rock Llamas:  Outstanding.  This was DGD's first visit to a yarn store, and while there were no actual llamas, we had a good time.  This store is MUCH bigger than you'd expect when you walk up, with a roomy extension (weaving, fleece and classrooms) out back.  I know DGD is tactile, but it never dawned on me how much she would enjoy yarn petting.  Grambee can be so dense.  We picked up some fleece.  DGD made felt beads with it, and really enjoyed herself.  This was also a delight because a squirrel raided a pile of peanuts on the back porch.  A hit.

The Yarn Outlet-8th Street:  They got my money.  I was delighted to find Austermann Mayfair (discontinued in 2004?) on sale, as well as some other older yarns, which I scooped up greedily.  It pays to know your yarns-there were some real dandies and some that were easy to breeze right by.   It warranted a second trip.  A BIG hit.


Grace said...

I am glad your vacation was so yarntastic!!!

The cat pattern is from Lucinda Guy's Knits for Kids (my ravelry project page has the link) They have been alot of fun to knit!!!

Glad you are back Granbee!

smariek said...

Looks like DGD has great potential. :-)

I still have some Mayfair and haven't figured out what to do with it. What would you make with just 4 balls?