Thursday, July 09, 2009

The last little ho-house in Texas?

A while back, I purchased an ambient weather beacon for my husband.  It shows the next day's weather forecast as indicated by a radio weather beacon, in increments of 10 degrees, each segment represented by a different color.

Embarrassingly enough, when I set it up this week, our recent weather pattern makes it look like we've opened up a new business:

It's been hot as hell, I have ant bites on my ankles (GRRRggrrh!) and ammonia on the ant bites.  I always thought my husband was really working hard to sweat thru the front of his shirts.  This week it dawned on me that my bra was retaining water....or at least, absorbing all the sweat.

We need a break from this heat!


Anonymous said...

Nothing yells COME ON DOWN like a red light! Dumb question, but if it cools down, does it turn blue?

junior_goddess said...

Red=100 degrees.
and so on, down the rainbow.

smariek said...

Come over here where your little box will turn yellow/green.

So what temp does it have to be for it to turn purple/violet?


yep! if it gets any hotter will that thing explode?