Sunday, July 05, 2009

It's hotter than July-

A few weeks ago, I rinsed off the back patio and found a lot of bird crap.  This weekend, I found out why.  We actually saw them panting.  It's damned hot when the birds are panting.

I moved the china cabinet, and in the process, washed almost everything in it.  Yesterday, I happened across these Czech flutes that I bought in Karlovy Vary for notmuchmoney.  When I bought them, I remembered the lovely blue decanter that sat on the hi-fi at Laura Meyer's house. 

 I remember Mr. Meyer had a heavy accent, and now that I am older, I wonder if he came here away from his home to escape something bad in Europe.  I also remember Holly Hodek's dad, and how he spoke in clipped tones, rather like Lawrence Welk, and wondered if he came or he fled.

Those people are the true cornerstone of our independence.  I hope this weekend was enjoyable.


Chrisknits said...

I'd say I would trade you, but I only want to get rid of the rain, not the cooler temps it brought with it.

Anonymous said...

When I watered the front yard a bit by hand with a hose sprayer, a hummingbird came to drink. Thirst overcoming his fear of me. It's really hot and dry, somebody PLEASE send rain.

smariek said...

Had no idea that birds panted.

Grace said...

you are too quiet are you okay???