Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Wow. That's what I thought when I walked into my LYS and saw this leaflet next to the sample garment. I snapped Noro 24 (the leaflet) right up. This weekend, it crawled out of the want pile, and wriggled over next to some Needful Yarns I got on a raging good sale at Elann. So I cast on.

Now, I am a competent knitter. I can follow instructions. On the pattern set up row (Row 8), it has you reaching back "4 rs" to make a loop. On subsequent pattern rows, it says do loop stitch.

I looked up loop stitch, which was [knit tog the next stitch and the corresponding purl loop form previous row on the right side of the work]

My work looked like this. It was totally kicking my ass, so I drove to LYS and looked at the sample garment. (40 miles, dontcha know)

Well, the 4s were the problem. The first row needs to go back MORE than '4 rs' and subsequent rows just reach back to the previous garter ridge.

Well just say so, already.


Suzann said...

Amen sister. I am knitting something with Brit directions. Is it so hard to say "knit next 6 stitches front and back?"
I thought I could read directions too. This thing is kicking my butt.

It is going to be beautiful Bets. Is it for you? I don't remember.

smariek said...

Can't wait to see how yours turns out. Hope you don't have to make any more trips to the LYS, 40 miles is quite a ways to drive!

Joan said...

Ouch, I got a migrane trying to follow those instructions. Don't you like yourself? ;-p

Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

I just saw a sample of this in City Knits in Grand Rapids, and WOW is it nice! The picture in the book does not do it justice. Yours will be gorgeous.