Friday, December 19, 2008

The cape and I

re: my last post? I've been getting oddball comments to my posts recently. That was just to say "Oh, I figured it out. I know who you are." I think I guessed right.

The cape and I-oh, the cape and I finally made friends. Well, not really friends, but we tolerate each other.

While I was in panic mode, I wrote Knitting Fever to ask about errors in the pattern. I got an answer back this week-

Hello Betsy,
I checked with the translator and they say there are no errors with the cape. The cape is also our sample for the season and none of the knitters noted any comments/errors.
Best regards,

to which I said

There is definitely a problem with the pattern. I had to go to my LYS and look at it again-that was an 80 mile round trip. The stitch pattern instructions are written as if there are no short rows-so going back to tuck stitch at the neckline poses no problem, however, lower rows do not reach to the edge.

On Ravelry, I documented pattern errors as follows:

Well-it looks like I have found a mistake. The directions say to knit a tuck stitch, knitting together a stitch with its "corresponding stitch 4 rows previous " Mine didn't look like the picture.

ETA: These directions kicked my butt so bad, I drove 40 miles to go look at the store sample again.

On the first pattern set up row, go back MORE than 4 rows. You are doing short rows…so 4 rows back would vary, depending on where you tucked back.

Go back to the first row.

On subsequent garter joins, go back to the last garter ridge. The original instructions are correct for the stitch pattern if it was knitted without short rows.

Typos/errors: Row 39: Knit to last six stitches, turn.

15 Dec-having doubt over the yarn quantities. Project calls for 620 grams of Silk Garden-about 1340 yards.

I am at about row 80 right now, and will let you know if I find further errors. Can you verify the yarn quantity required?

I am curious to see if they write me back before I know the answer.  I just did the math, and am  concerned about the yardage guesstimation.    I bought 16 balls, but one is tied up in "Fourth Grader," the cute little entrelac hat pattern.  I'll frog it when it's time, because I am pretty sure that the 620 grams called for is a good 100 grams short, at least.  I am at row 117 now, and about 3.75 balls into it.  Maybe 34 rows per ball?  That puts it squarely at 15 balls.  I can cannabalize one more for the collar. A total of 1552 yards, 200 yards MORE than what they are calling for, and I am sweating it.   I am looking hard to scrounge ONE ball.  Or two.

This pattern was written by torture artists.  If you look at the photo, you can see I have the stitches at the left side on a holding cable.  I just read ahead (and I NEVER read ahead) and saw that when I finish the body, I have to leave the body stitches on a cable, and work the hem.  So I will have stitches on a holder, stitches on a needle, and the hem.  All at once.  Who does that?


Anonymous said...

Good for you that you deciphered the correct instructions for the cape inspite of no help from the distributor (well I guess they mostly want to sell their yarn). It is looking great! I don't think I'd even attempt something that combined short rows with knitting a stitch 4 or more rows back! But I guess that lovely pronounced texture does not come with little effort :-).

Lisa W. said...

you are so determined! i'd've probly ripped it out and thrown it away. So, I have a full bag (minus 1 ball for mitts i think) of the arte in that colorway. i know i won't be using it for anything big so any and all is yours. Let me know via email. You go SuperBets! (I can see you now flying through the air in your magical cape while brandishing pointy you just need some purple tights and an orange jumpsuit to complete the outfit ;0

Enid said...

I couldn't follow that. But it's looking pretty cool.

smariek said...

Are you wearing your Sherlock hat? Sounds complicated! I don't think I could be as pertinacious as you have been. I get frustrated too easily. Good for you for figuring out the errors.

Joan said...

OK, the week before Christmas and you are killing yourself with this odd wool cape in hot weather. I am freaking baffled. Does someone you know really want to own it? Why the self-torture, girl? I am worried. ;-p

Cindy G said...

Fascinating results, looks like stubborn determination has its rewards.

Kathy said...

THe CAPE oh the cape is magnificent. YOu can do it. I came to you from Grace's blog list. Love your blog.