Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I went out on Black Friday.  (That has to be a sign that my meds are working-I haven't done that in years!) 

I hit on a pretty good shoe sale.  When I got home, I showed my DH what I got.  "You'd better throw a pair ou....." he started to say.  Then a confused look fell on his face, and he said "Those are for DGD, aren't they?"  Why yes.  The black shoes in this photo are mine.  The others are for the 5 year old.  I wear 7.5s.

DGD and I had a nice chat on  Thanksgiving.  Her mama helped her call, but was on the computer while she chatted.  We ended up snapping pictures and flinging them into cyberspace at each other, and then giggling at each other's silly faces.  We had a good time!

I've been working and working on my two at a time sleeves.  Arghhhhhhhhhh.  So dull, so dull.  There are some new and beautiful patterns on the horizon.


Joan said...

I'd say the BF shopping suggests meds are NOT working. ;-p

Lisa W. said...

5yrs old huh...she will definately have a firm foundation to stand on ;0
sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon...flinging silly cyberphotos with grandkids and all ;0
i'm in boring mitt hell myself so i'll cheer you on with your 2 at a time sleeves.
can't wait til after the holidays to do some 'me' knitting.

Cindy G said...

She's going to love those shoes!
The picture flinging sounds like great fun.

smariek said...

Flinging photos into cyberspace, that sounds like fun! Definitely more fun to be a grandparent.

Can't believe you braved the crowds. You crazy woman! At least you didn't get trampled to death or shot at. :-)

209x1 said...

You better hope those shoes don't get any bigger...you'll need to find out where I get MY shoes... BTW, in class with Kim, Dan, Keith...don't remember a freckle-faced kid. Do remember our token freak-boy who..oh wait, cross-trainee buck...freckle face...wife was doing freak-boy on day trips while he worked. Freak-boy was from New England, wore really small glasses, and liked to dress up as a colonial pilgrim. Any guesses yet? I Miss Texas.