Monday, October 06, 2008

This shit's getting a little out of hand

This is unprecedented.  It's a little creepy, considering that Sonia Rykiel is French, and Stella McCartney is a Brit.  What's their interest?  I personally don't really follow other countries' elections avidly.  There are a few, but I sure wouldn't do an Angela Merkel sweater.  Really.  Hell, I wouldn't do a Prince Charles sweater either, and his ears are just as big.

It bothers me that this guy is barely American, born here, educated overseas, was the victim of prejudice in Hawaii.  OMG, freaking racially charged Ala Moana.  Trust me, THAT's much different than Mississippi or Texas.

Why do I think he's barely American?  There's his younger brother in Kenya, and his older brother in China, and don't forget the one in England. And there seems to be another one in Kenya.... it looks like Daddy Obama's specialty was women.  Hit and quit it.  But it's not that Daddy was a rogue, it's that it gives me a sense of rootlessness, of non-commitment.  A lot of political figures have questionable family members, I am just used to them living in the same country, and meeting each other early on.   

It says superficial attachment to me.  And if a person is superficially attached to his family, is it possible that they could be superficially attached to a nation?  Even tho they stood way up in the political food chain?  


Anonymous said...

Your comments today really got me thinking.
I think the specific answer to your question on Rykiel and McCarney's interest in our presidential race is marketing - Obama sells better than McCain. But the deeper answer to why other's care about the race lies in todays worldwide market collapse. America sneezes and the world catches a cold. Our president has the ability to affect the lives of very many people out side of our borders. So they care.
The related question is why they think Obama will be better than McCain.....
I find it facinating you think he's barely American because his dad was rootless. I disagree with your conclusion he's superficially attached because his family isn't connected. I know many people, all with fierce loyalties to others and causes, who've not spoken to family memebers in years.
There are lots of reasons to be un-attached to family.
I'm fiscally conservative and socially liberal. With the addition of SP to the McCain ticket, I'm left with no one to vote for.

Suzann said...

Bets have you seen this?
McCain, having been born in the (Panama) Canal Zone, will if elected become the first president who was born outside the current 50 states. This raises a potential legal issue, since the United States Constitution requires the president to be a natural-born citizen of the United States. A bipartisan legal review[207] and a unanimous Senate resolution[208] both concluded that he is a natural-born citizen, but the matter is still a subject of some legal controversy"

and this

Now I doubt anyone would question that Senator McCain is American, but does he full fill the letter of the law? Weird.
I don't argue politics with friends.

junior_goddess said...

Oh, Suzann, PLEASE don't tell my DH he can't be President. He was born overseas on a military installation to American parents. He'll be crushed. That means anyone born in Hawaii or Alaska before (1957-ish) can't be President either. Or on a US vessel in international water!

At least YOU guys will come up with angles and facets that are interesting. I totally 'get' where Chris is coming from, but all the same, something in the back of my mind says "Danger, Will Robinson" when it comes to BO.

I am weirdly liberal in odd pockets. Do I think they should allow gay marriage? Absolutely. I think they ought to worry about calling it a civil partnership (get the right foundation in-the marriage term gets people up in arms, and the name can be changed later) and get the right to inherit, get tax breaks, and get health insurance. I think the whole terminology thing is a big smokescreen for "it's gonna cause the govt. to lose out on a lot of inheritance tax." Of course, with gay marriage, you get gay divorce. Welcome to our pain and suffering.

The economy WILL improve regardless of the election's outcome.

Everything is NOT Bush's fault. Really.

I don't trust BO. Really, I don't.

Suzann said...

I so agree with you about calling Gay unions, marriage. I always thought it was like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Of course I might feel differently if I were gay.
As far as Obama's restless past goes. I don't think children should be held accountable for their parents lifestyles. Once he was of age he came back to the US and mostly stayed here. In any case being exposed to foreign cultures isn't a bad thing in a politician, especially one who aspires to lead a country in the age of small world. I would almost have voted for McCain, until his vice president choice. I was for McCain in 2000 when he got swift boated by our current president. I thought he would have made an excellent president. Even thought I am very liberal on social issues.
I live in religious conservative Virginia. Having been call the whore of Babylon by people like Sarah Palin doesn't want to make me elect her to anything.
I think religion and politics is a crappy mix. And I don't want someone else's religion crammed down my throat.
And no I don't blame President Bush for everything wrong in the world. He and I agree on stem cell research. Even thought I might benefit from it.
Oh and I think Laura is one of the most gracious First Ladies we have ever had. Although I do miss Millie Bush :-}

Georgi said...

It is so scary the choices we have to vote for this year. I understand why people say they will not vote, since both candiates are so out there (in outer space) when it comes to living in the real world. BO's connection's are questionable, but McCain seems to have lost touch with reality. I say we all vote Libertarian and get rid of both the Dems and the GOP. :-)

junior_goddess said...

And Georgi, I would do that, except I voted for Perot in 1992, and look what mess THAT got me. Clinton for 8. I learned my lesson there.

junior_goddess said...

Oh, and I don't really mean to visit all of BO Sr's sins on Jr, but there is no other way for me to describe the sense that I have, that BO is slick, slicker than Willy. Like a bar of soap in river rapids.

claybustinprincess said...

"Bo is slick, slicker than Willy."

That about sums it up for me too. Just a little too packaged, preserved, handled and polished -- too good to be true, like something isn't adding up. I feel like we're playing baseball and BO is on the basketball court. I just don't get where he is coming from. I'm not biting on his economics and I live in Michigan--then again we don't really have an economy in Michigan to worry about. lol

(tongue in cheek here) Of course, what would I know, I'm a 44 year old woman from a town much much smaller than Wasilla and I'm going to take that gun I so bitterly cling to and go hunting.

Clearly I'm not modern, progressive or liberal enough to get it! :)

(and yes I knit in my blind)

Grace said...

I have been saying for weeks how can a man whose income is over 4.7 million a year, tell me he understands the hardships of the middle class and lower, its just sad!

Anonymous said...

Good points as usual, Bets! Most of Europe will celebrate if BO wins. They would be vicariously living a possibility - a black president - they are far from ready for but would love to be able to brag about. (Not that they would ever admit it.) Besides, he does resemble the other slick president they still love...


junior_goddess said...

See, Marta, I don't think the black president deal is all that A-MAZING-look at Africa. Some guy at the store told me that other countries would just be amazed that we were able to put aside our differences and elect a black man. I think that's arguing a non-existent point. Many countries don't care. I think that's something else that's fluffed up.

Enid said...

did you see the stuff on ravelry??