Saturday, October 25, 2008

Here in East Cupcake

Cargo netting is an integral part of your Halloween decor.  Especially if your house is stucco.


Cindy G said...

Those are some terrific spiders! Love them.

Della said...

Those are great! Oughta make a few trick-or-treaters nervous.. lol

Suzann said...

LOL that looks really scary, Bets. The cargo netting is a great idea.
A lot of people here decorate big time for Halloween.
Dawn carves pumpkins and I have little ghosties hanging from the tree. But I try not to scare the little kids. We get mostly very young children.

junior_goddess said...

Oh, I am not good at "real" decorating, so this is me playing well.

Do you think it's too scary for little kids? I asked DH if he thought the spiders would stop any trick or treaters, and he said no. The whole town drops their kids off to trick or treat here.

smariek said...

Thank goodness those spiders aren't real!!!

Evelyn said...

Everyone is always talking about how large they grow things in I really know it's true.
Are you going to dress up in something scarey when you answer the door to these little ones? Now, that would really scare them.
The kids around here have to wear a snowsuit under their costumes just to keep warm. How would you like that?
Happy Halloween Bets !!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if those would scare real spiders away from my house?! (I am sure there is a big reward with the Wanted sign for my head in Spiderland...)
I should pay Wally a visit once in a while, they look good!