Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting the mojo back.

My knitting has really suffered since the PuddleMaster came to town. You might wonder what the hell my problem is. He's stopped peeing everywhere, right? Well, pretty much. We work hard at PuppySchool, too. He's an enthusiastic student.

Now, we have these episodes. Often.

He generally starts up well before I grab a camera. It never really occurs to me until he's in full run...

And thieving? Nothing is immune-books, underwear, laundry, sandwiches? Kleenex. Yesterday, I knit a few rows, and set it down on the couch. The sound must have been like a starter's pistol, because he woke up in a flash, and off he went to unravel!

Yesterday, I set out to reclaim my knitting mojo. I took an entrelac class with Gwen Bortner. And I think it's going to help significantly.

More on this later.

1 comment:

Cindy G said...

That's one energetic pup! It was fun to see the video.

Taking a class is always a great way for me to get re-energized, too.