Sunday, January 03, 2010

It's 2010 already-

Wow. The last 90 days flew by. I was in a hydrocodone haze for most of October and November, and as soon as I was cleared to drive, I slammed those drugs into the drawer, we got Sonny the Wonder boy, and I started working for the Post Office. Both have been more effort than I originally thought.

Funny, this business of the New Year, and new beginnings. I had my big epiphanies on my roadtrip last summer. This year, I have to make good on the things I figured out.


Suzann said...

Happy 2010!

If anyone can make good on things, you can. :-)
Give Sonny a kiss for me.

Grace said...

I could use a hydrocone haze my arthritis in my hips has been killing me, I kid you not!

Tom feels a lot better knowing that we are not rich because of our misspent youth with snot and mittens