Monday, January 05, 2009

Wild hairs and dust bunnies

I got a wild hair this weekend. The dye-go-round has been spinning around and around, going faster and faster. There's a lot of grey these days. I decided to fake it out. I decided I should frost my hair in an effort to hide the grey. DH and I sat down in front of a movie yesterday afternoon, and he made fun of me "She's got a hemmet on!" and pulled my hair thru a frosting cap.
Meh. It hides the grey nicely. I just don't look good with light hair. Never have, and I figured that out in high school, where a Clairol hair-painting experience had me sobbing in the bathroom. Nothing's changed, I am just better as a brunette.

As my hair dried, the phone rang. Guess what? It was the orchestrator of my highlighted  experience in high school. I hadn't talked to her in fourteen years. Not because of hair, just because that's how life is.

It's funny talking to someone you've known that long. "Did you really think your husband and his brother had the same daddy?" "When did you figure out you needed to get the hell out of that marriage?" "How many grandkids do you have?"

Holy shit, we could write a book. Life turns on a dime, and I understand the bumps in the road that got her there. And she knows mine. How there's no way you could date the guy next door in high school (EEEEWWWWW!!!!) and how you felt when so and so died, and the other rabid dust bunnies we kicked under the bed years ago. The ones that creep out and attack, the ones that need to stay there because the damage they could cause is unimaginable.

It was like finding your favorite pair of shoes, the old ones buried in the bottom of the closet. Comforting. 

The exact opposite of standing in front of the mirror, understanding your hair looks good, but would look much better....on someone else. And that the idea was another rabid dust bunny that should have stayed under the bed.


Joan said...

I am exactly one year past my '08 New Year's Res to stop coloring my hair. Salt 'n peppa is the way to go, fellow brunette. Coexisting with nature.

Cindy G said...

The rabid dust bunnies of life - that about sums it up. Great post.

smariek said...

(almost) every time I go get my hair cut, the lady points out the greys and suggest I color or highlight my hair. I haven't made the leap yet, fearing the regular maintenance.

Oh, and toddlers do not censor anything they say. DH wasn't too pleased when she pointed out his greys.

Enid said...

I bet it looks great in vivo!