Friday, January 09, 2009

Branching out

Behold the Pantone 2009 spring pallette:

Stack that up against my closet.

I am in deep trouble.  The yellow is pretty tricky.  I plan to skip it and look forward to other color trends.


Della said...

Dear B,

There is no law saying you must follow the latest color trends. No law about following any trends, for that matter. Stick with what you Like!


smariek said...

I never followed color trends, no reason to start now. I don't think I could do Salmon Rose or Super Lemon. Though I do like the Lavender and Fuchsia Red; I wear those.

Anonymous said...

That yellow is not a nice yellow. It's garish. As a yellow person, I'd say that it's not a wearable color. Perhaps in snippets here and there, and in accessories, ok. Not as a shirt.

Joan said...

Pretty vile for us "Winter" palatte types. But they look like great colors for blondes.

I do like when a color becomes the "it" color of the season because it makes it so available in a wide variety of items you wouldn't usually see it in. I loved being able to buy purple bags and purple shoes. That's not normally an option except for last year's purple-mania. I'll be passing totally on the yellow tho' but some people will be happy.

Cindy G said...

Hmmm, not sure I could wear any of those.

But I would like to play around with some of them in combination - socks? mittens?

Libby said...

I love ya Betsy!!! Loving all those colors in there!!