Monday, February 22, 2010

Quit work.

I gave my notice today. The post office is going thru a rough patch-they don't make money any more, and are cutting and trimming in every way they can. What's the old saw about "Doing more with less for so long we can do everything with absolutely nothing?"

Here it is-
“We have done so much with so little for so long that now we can do anything with nothing.”

Anyhow-after working for the post office, I think it's a miracle that we actually can move a letter across the country for .44 cents. And the people you see at your post office are working a good deal harder than you think.


Cindy G said...

I have always been impressed with the service we receive at our little Post Office, and I know for sure that our Postmistress is hardworking, knows her stuff, and is always pleasant to deal with.

I really wish we could go to 5 day a week delivery. It would save tons of gas on the rural routes served by our P.O. (though maybe that would just back things up and make it harder for the workers. I dunno....)

Chrisknits said...

Yes, it's the little guys at the local offices who are hurting, while the big wigs just seem to waste money on all kinds of things. The waste is what I have issue with. And the stories of letter carriers who aren't delivering their mail, which was true in my parent's case. Some days he just didn't want to do his route, so he didn't. They found all the lost mail just stored in his garage. My Mom got some photos of my girls 4 years after I sent them. It's the abuses the American people hear about, not the hard working folks.