Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Knitting content resumes-

Ahhh. I got my books in from China last week. I slogged several armloads down to the post office, and flung them hither and yon. I glanced at mine today.

Several of them seem to be rehash books of patterns already flung out in knitting land. Some were European, some were Japanese. Ah, well, I can figure them out. I haven't sat down with the pattern drafting book-that will require a lot of concentration.

I can't read Chinese at all. When I was a little girl, my mom brought an origami book home with paper. Totally in Japanese. I learned a lot following pictures VERY closely. I was probably quiet as a mouse for an entire weekend. I think the drafting book with require the same level of attention.

The stitch dictionaries---OMG. Ok, there aren't really 5101 knitting stitches in there. Maybe 35% are crochet, and another 25% are intarsia and fair isle, and I am pretty sure that some stitches in book A are probably in book B (they are indiscriminate about copying-I found several patterns duplicated in a mega-sweater journal) and there are a lot of things I have seen in the Harmonys and the Barbaras. But feast your eyes on this. It might be in an Oma's, and it might be in a Strick Bauern (sp?) but yee-haw, it jumped right off the page at me. Not a single M-Fin' KEY in either book, so I guess I will be trying to figure these out. There's a lot of pretty, and a lot of pretty different in them.


smariek said...

I totally forgot about those books cuz your trip was like 2 billion years ago.

Oooh, aaah, drool. That's purty. Crazy chart. No key. Hmmm... an added challenge. That bottom section makes me think of a portion of Frost Flowers from BW1.

I'd love to get an Oma's Strickwhateveritscalled, but I've never seen one anywhere.

Daryl said...

wow, you are going to be busy for awhile! You could play with those all summer!

Cindy G said...

Woah! that's a great pattern stitch. You'll be able to figure the charts out.

Did I mention that's a great stitch? I can see why you're excited.

NightOwlKnits said...

oooooohhh - I wants this! (jealous, just a bit)

That is spectacular. I know I've seen somewhere on the 'net a link to Japanese lace symbols. What the heck - post on Ravelry! Someone'll kick in to help...


KnottyKnitter said...

That is a stunning stitch pattern! I hope you figure it out.